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Prep for a Wax


Relax, You Got This
If you are a waxing newbie or a wax fanatic, you can relax, your goodies are in good hands. All bodies, all hair, all genders welcome.


Hair Length
To give you the smoothest results possible, your hair should be at least ¼ of an inch long. That’s usually at least two weeks since shaving or 3 - 4 weeks since waxing. If your hair is too shor
t the wax may not adhere.


For the best results, exfoliate your skin 1 day before your appointment to get rid of dead skin and prepare your hair follicles for removal.


Comfy Clothes are a Must
Loose clothing lets your skin breathe. 


Minimize the Ouch
Steer clear of stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine before your wax which can make your skin more sensitive. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. If you’re worried, some clients choose to take a Tylenol or Advil 30 minutes before their appointment to take the edge off.


Schedule Strategically
Schedule your wax 3-4 days before a big event to give your skin time to chill. If you’re a waxing newbie and want to go bare for a special event (like your wedding) we recommend waxing 2-3 times before your big day.


Skin Sensitive Medications
It's always best to ask your doctor if you have any questions. Skip the wax if you are on an oral acne medication such as Accutane or have used it in the past 6 months. If you use prescribed creams such as Differin, Retin-A or any Retinoids, the surrounding area cannot be waxed within 7 days of product application. Waxing on these medications can cause your skin to lift.



Tanning / Sunburn
We recommend you lay off tanning the area you want waxed for 24-48 before your appointment as we cannot perform services on sunburnt or irritated skin.



Keep Us Posted
We want to accommodate your needs so let us know if this is your first-time waxing. If you’re pregnant, if it’s that time of the month, or if you’ve ever had any negative reactions to waxing, we want the scoop.

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Waxing Aftercare

For the First 24 Hours

After a wax, your hair follicles are open for the first 24 hours. It’s important to follow the rules below to prevent any bacteria from getting in your hair follicles, this will ensure the smoothest results possible. It is normal to have a little redness or tenderness after waxing.

  • No touching

  • No exercise/sweating

  • No tanning

  • No swimming, steam rooms or saunas

  • No sexual contact

NO Shaving!
Put down the razor. It may be tempting, but don’t do it. Shaving between waxes can leave you with undesirable results.

Take Care Down There
To keep your skin silky smooth, we recommend a daily regime of clean
sing and moisturizing.

Fend Off Ingrown Hairs
For those prone to ingrown hairs, we recommend exfoliating with MAD WAX bo
dy scrub 2-3 times a week and using an ingrown hair serum daily.

  • Always exfoliate last in the shower

  • Rub gently

  • Use ingrown hair serum morning and night

Your Next Booking
The more consistent you are with waxing , your hair will become noticeably softer, finer, and over time. Book your next wax 3 - 4 weeks after your appointment for smoothest results. You’re welcome to come in sooner, but due to hair cycles you may be left with unwanted stubble.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to call us we would be glad to help you!

MAD WAX: 727-204-0203

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