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Men's Waxing

No more trimming or shaving!

Waxing is a great way to help you achieve perfect smooth skin. Mad Wax use its very own vegan hypoallergenic hard wax that is great for all skin types.


Benefits to Waxing:​

  • Longer lasting, smooth, hair-free skin for three to six weeks.

  • Helps to reduce body odor.

  • Creates more pronounced muscle definition.

  • Removes hair from the roots.

  • Hairs become finer, softer and lighter when they grow back.



Eyebrow         $20

Lip                  $12

Chin                $12

Cheeks           $12

Neck               $12

Ears                $12

Nose               $12

Sideburns       $12

Beard             $30

Full Face        $55

Full Arm         $60

Half Arm        $30

Underarm     $20

Full Back       $60

Half Back      $30

Shoulders     $25

Chest             $30

Stomach       $30

Hands            $15

Full Leg          $100

Half Leg         $55

Feet                $15

Includes Chest, Stomach, Shoulders, and Back

Men's Upper Body Wax  $130

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